Williams Vision and Mission statement

Vision: Preparing today’s students to be the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.

Mission: Uniting as one community, we elevate opportunities for all.

At Williams we value a safe, clean environment where the parents and the extended community support and respect the collegial efforts of staff in using data and sound research to implement best practices which will develop students who are academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to thrive in a changing society.

We will accomplish our mission by providing opportunities for all parents to participate within the school community and incorporate the principles of LIFESKILLS and Cornerstone’s developmental assets to provide an environment of positive social and emotional growth for all students at the school. These principles provide a safe environment where students can continue to develop academic excellence and mutual respect, collaboratively analyze student achievement data in reading, writing, and math to drive instruction that creates strategic lessons to meet the diverse needs of all students, prepare strong readers, critical thinkers, proficient writers, and analytical problem solvers, and provide an excellent learning environment with high academic expectations for all students and staff.