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The Walk-A-Thon was such fun!  Thank you to our teachers for gearing the students up for the big day, to ALL of our WONDERFUL and AMAZING volunteers, and thank you to Paris the DJ.  What a fabulous day. Prizes from the following companies will be distributed to raffle winners during the week of October 20.  A HUGE thank you to our local sponsors:

    Gilroy Gradens
    Round Table Pizza
    San Jose Fire Dept.
    Erik’s Deli Cafe
    The Old Spaghetti Factory
    Hicklebee’s Book Store
    Silver Creek Sportsplex
    Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
    Organica Fresh
    Which Wich
    Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

Free and Reduced Lunch

We encourage parents to use the online application process, it is faster and eliminates errors.

Round Table Pizza

Join us on Wednesday, October 22 from 4:00-9:00pm at Round Table Pizza on Thornwood Ave.  A portion of the profits from that evening will be donated directly back to Terrell School.  Don’t forget to bring the flyer.  It might be best to call in before you go:  408-578-5200.

Class Color Day

Show you class spirit.  Wear your class color on Friday, October 24.  Uniform bottoms must remain.

    5th Grade = blue
    4th Grade = yellow
    3rd Grade = purple
    2nd Grade = orange
    1st Grade = green
    K = black
    TK = white

Halloween Parade

We apologize for the confusion with the parade.  The costume parade will be on Friday, October 31 at 1:30pm on the blacktop.  Thank you for your patience as we worked out the kinks. 


Updated 10/19/2014