Application Process

Application Checklist

There are 3 phases to the application process.  Students should not apply to San Jose City College until their Middle College application has been reviewed by the staff.


_____ Middle College Application Packet: Students will complete and deliver the packet to the Middle College office- SC 211.  The packet includes:
- Administrator Recommendation
- Teacher Recommendation (core subjects only)
- Student and Parent Questionnaire
- 504 Plan (if applicable)
_____ IEP Letter If applicable, an IEP placement meeting with San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) must take place prior to Middle College enrollment. Learning Options representation is required if a decision to place a student at Middle College is made.


_____San Jose City College Admissions Application: All students are required to fill out a San Jose City College (SJCC) application form online. After submitting the application online, the student will be assigned an SJCC student ID number which is required in order to take the SJCC Placement Tests. The Middle College staff will assist in this process.
_____ SJCC Placement Tests: All applicants are required to take the SJCC Reading, Writing, and Math Placement Tests. Students must schedule an appointment (online) after they have received their SJCC student number via email. A photo ID is required to take the tests.  The test results will be given to the student at the conclusion of the test.


______ Notification of Acceptance
______ Meeting to Register for College Classes
______ Review of Middle College Behavioral/Academic/Attendance Contract

Application Package.

There are 5 parts to the application package.  Click below to download each part in PDF.

1. Application Checklist
2. Administrator Recommendation
3. Teacher Recommendation
4. Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
5. Student Questionnaire