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Special Update from Mrs. Loy

Dear Hacienda families,

I called our Hacienda community on the evening of Friday, May 12th, with the following special update regarding the gastrointestinal outbreak at our school. Today we had three new cases reported at Hacienda.  And while that may not seem like a significant number, it was enough to encourage me to step up our efforts to avoid any further students from contracting this flu bug. As a result, I have made the difficult decision to cancel all non instructional events at our school for next week, from May 15th-May 19th. 

Open House, Art Night, the Book Fair, and the Principal’s Coffee, which were scheduled for next week, have been cancelled.  It is my hope that cancelling these events, and limiting the influx of extra visitors to our campus, will help to stop the virus from affecting additional students.

We continue to treat the entire school with disinfectants. This weekend, cleaning crews will also be cleaning play structures and all common areas, yet again.  It is important to note that the events noted above have been cancelled voluntarily, as a precautionary measure, and not as a result of a mandate from public health, or our school district.

We have many additional performances, activities, and special events in the coming weeks, and I truly believe that by cancelling the events for this week, we have a better chance of avoiding the need to cancel further events as we move into the end of the school year.

You can help at home by talking with your child about continuing to follow good hygiene practices such as washing their hands with soap and water, and not sharing any food, or beverages.  Thanks for your patience and support in maintaining a germ free environment at Hacienda.

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards,
Carmen Loy

Queridas familias de Hacienda,

Llamé nuestra comunidad de la hacienda en la tarde del viernes 12 de mayo, con la actualización especial siguiente con respecto al brote gastrointestinal en nuestra escuela. Y aunque esto no parece un número significativo, fue suficiente para animarme a intensificar nuestros esfuerzos para evitar que otros estudiantes contraigan este virus gastrointestinal. Como resultado, he tomado la difícil decisión de cancelar todos los eventos no instructivos en nuestra escuela para la próxima semana, del lunes de15 de mayo, al viernes de 19 de mayo.

La muestra de la clase (“open house”), la Noche de Arte, la Feria del Libro y el Café con el Director, que estaban programados para la próxima semana, han sido cancelados. Cancelando estos eventos se espera limitar la afluencia de visitantes adicionales a nuestro campus, y esto ayudará a evitar que el virus afecte a más estudiantes.

Seguimos tratando a toda la escuela con desinfectantes. Este fin de semana, una vez mas los equipos de limpieza también estarán limpiando las estructuras de juego y todas las áreas comunes. Es importante señalar que los eventos mencionados anteriormente han sido cancelados voluntariamente, como medida de precaución, y no como resultado de un mandato de la oficina de salud pública o la oficina de nuestro distrito escolar.

Tenemos muchas actividades adicionales y eventos especiales en las próximas semanas, y realmente creo que al cancelar los eventos de esta semana, tenemos una mejor oportunidad de evitar la necesidad de cancelar otros eventos a medida que avanzamos hacia el fin del año escolar.

Usted puede ayudar en su casa hablando con su hijo acerca de seguir las buenas prácticas de higiene tales como lavarse las manos con agua y jabón; no compartir alimentos o bebidas. Gracias por su paciencia y apoyo para mantener un ambiente libre de gérmenes en Hacienda.

Que tengan un buen fin de semana.

principal de Carmen Loy

A Message From Ms. Loy, Principal

May 4, 2017

Dear Hacienda families,

The school year has flown by, and we are in the final weeks before summer is upon us. We have wrapped up our Earth Day celebration, Going Native Garden Tours, and even our Spring Fling is a recent memory.

HIPS will soon be voting on the budget for next year, and as a result, I would like to take this opportunity to share some important information about the Recess 101 program, which HIPS currently funds.

The program costs approximately $26,000 per year. Occasionally, parents have asked what that $26,000 pays for. It pays for a lot! I don’t think we can put a price on the benefit that this program has in meeting the social and emotional needs of our students.

Recess 101 begins with the coach teaching students the procedures and rules for the games that are played during recess and lunch, and teaching strategies for conflict resolution. This ensures that students are all playing by the same rules, and helps students resolve their differences when someone is called, “out.” The coach sets up a game of the week, however, there is ample space and opportunity for students to have unstructured free play, as well, if they do not choose to participate in one of the games.

Once all of the procedures and routines are in place, 4th and 5th grade students are trained as Recess Leaders, which builds their leadership skills, and provides another layer of support in assisting our younger students to resolve their differences.

Recess 101 does not in any way replace physical education instruction (which is mandated by the state of California, and which includes 200 minutes of PE instruction every two weeks). It does, however, support students’ health by providing additional exercise during Physical Activity Classes. Each month, the coach and the teacher provide instruction together that reinforce the games and rules that students commonly play on the playground. Thus, students are playing by the rules, and teachers are learning the rules. This can sometimes, coincidentally, take place during PE time, although the PAC classes only happen once per month. While teachers are supervising during recess, it is very helpful for them to have this knowledge to support and understand any problems that arise during this time.

The final piece of the Recess 101 program typically takes place in the Spring, and includes tournaments that are based on the preferences of games that students play throughout the year. These, like most of the Recess 101 activities (except PAC classes), are completely optional for students.
Students are free to create their own activities (and many do!) on the grass or on the play structures.

When students can respond to each other with a, “Good job, nice try!” and an encouraging comment during games, students’ self-esteem flourishes. The primary intent behind Recess 101 is to provide social and emotional support for students during play time. It is, in my opinion, some of the most important money that HIPS spends.

I hope that you agree.

Kind regards,

Carmen Loy
Hacienda Principal