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Math Night a Big Success!

On April 9th, Reed and Hacienda teachers collaborated to present a parent information night titled “Unwrapping the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.”  Our principals, Melody Mendoza and Carmen Loy, welcomed the 70+ parents to the evening and set the stage for parents to learn about and engage with Common Core math.

Instructional coaches Jeanne, Scheid (Reed) and Lindsay Edge (Hacienda), shared the shifts in Common Core Math and the mathematical practices that allow students to show how they understand and explain their math reasoning.

The energy turned up as parents visited two different grade levels to get a “real-classroom” perspective of how the CC math is taught to their children. Reed teachers Kimberlee Young, Dara Dennhardt, Paula Griffith, Emily Andrews, and Hacienda teachers Lindsay Gotthardt, Lisa Roth and Jesse Bjorngjeld, presented condensed lessons that included parents interacting with the content and mathematical practices. Both parents and teachers had the opportunity for a dialogue on how CCSS will impact student learning and their ability to succeed in college and careers. Parents walked away with resources to help them support their children’s learning, confident that this move to common core is a positive step for student achievement and success.

Based on the positive parent feedback, Reed and Hacienda are planning for more parent evenings in the 2015-16 school year around Common Core Math and English Language Arts (ELA).

A Message From Ms. Loy, Principal

Hello Hacienda families,

Flowers and trees are in bloom the allergies have kicked in for many, and the weather is just beautiful. It must be Spring! This time of year our students are experiencing lots of changes, and the anticipation of Summer being just around the corner can cause a bit of “Spring Fever.” SI know that the upcoming break will help everyone to get the wiggles out.

I would like to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to our students Talon C., Anika K., and Gabi M., for placing 4th in the top ten finals in our San Jose Unified Future Chef competition. The three of them created some delicious recipes and then prepared 50 samples of each for the contest in this past week. Talon’s Hawaiian Chicken Sliders, Anika’s Banana Sushi, and Gabi’s nachos were all delicious. These three students just may have a future career in the culinary arts. Kudos to them!

On a final note, April also bring Spring Fling, state assessments, our Going Native Garden Tour, and Earth Day/Arbor Day. All of these are important events at Hacienda, and I hope to see each of you at our tour or at the Earth Day/Arbor Day Celebration.

Best wishes for happy Spring Recess,

Carmen Loy