Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program Orientation

The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI) offers students the unique and exciting opportunity to learn to read, write, and communicate naturally in two languages, Spanish and English.  This orientation will provide parents the opportunity to obtain more information on the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program.  Attending an orientation is required for any new families interested in enrolling in the program. Read More…
Orientation and School Tours.pdf

Orientación del Programa de Inmersión Bilingüe (TWBI)
Sesiones de orientación y visitas guiadas.pdf



Measure H Implementation Plan

At its regularly scheduled meeting on November 20, 2014, the San José Unified School District (SJUSD) Board of education (BOE) approved the school district’s Measure H facility improvement plan. The final vote comes after a nine-month community engagement process which involved more than 3,000 community members through a series of community meetings at each of the district’s 42 schools, an online survey, and several district-wide meetings.SJUSD will make improvements to its facilities thanks to the vote of confidence by the San José Unified community in 2012 when voters approved the Measure H…

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